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Securing the Personal information including Aadhar No., in RTI Applications/Appeals in compliance to Aadhar Act, 2016 and Information Technical Act, 2000.

F. No. 1/1/2013-IR (pt)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
IR (Division)
North Block, New Delhi
Dated 20th June, 2017
Office Memorandum

Subject:- Securing the Personal information including Aadhar No., in RTI Applications/Appeals in compliance to Aadhar Act, 2016 and Information Technical Act, 2000.

            The undersigned is directed to refer to this departments OM of even no. dated 21.10.2014, 23.03.2016 and 07.10.2016 vide which it has been requested that personal information of an RTI applicant should not be disclosed, while uploading the application/ appeal etc. on the public domain/ websites.

2.         In this context, it is to be stated that Ministry of Electronics And Information Technology (Meity) have circulated guidelines for securing Identity information and Sensitive personal data or information in compliance to Aadhar Act, 2016 and Information Technology Act, 2000, wherein they have instructed that personal particular and information including Aadhar No. etc. should not be published in public domain/websites etc.

2.         In view of the above, it is requested that all Ministries/Departments of Govt. of India including the subordinate offices may ensure the following while handling RTI applications viz. receiving, replying and uploading on websites etc.:-

(a)       the personal information details like Aadhar no. should not be asked for while handling RTI applications.

(b)       that the Aadhar no. or such other personal information is hidden from public view while uploading the RTI applications/ Appeals/ Replies to the RTI applications on websites, if Aadhar no. is mentioned therein.
(Preeti Khanna)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India



·         Leave Entitlement of Casual Labourers with temporary status

D.G. Posts No. 01-07/2016-SPB-I dated 12 June, 2017.


            Department of Posts had circulated a Scheme viz. Casual Labourers (Grant of Temporary Status and Regularization) Scheme  vide Directorate’s letter No. 45-95/87-SPB-I dated 12.04.1991 which has been amended  from time to time.


2.         The Directorate has received several representations regarding encashment of accumulated leaves to Casual Labourers with Temporary Status covered under the said Scheme. In this regard , following clarification  are hereby issued in line with DOPT’s  Scheme circulated vide its O.M. No. 51016/2/90 Estt.(C)  dated 10.09.1993 and O.M. No. 49014/2007-Estt(C) dated 18.10.2007:-


            (a)       Leave entitlement will be  on a pro-rata  basis at the  rate of one day for every 10 days of work, casual or any other kind of leave, except maternity leave will not  be admissible. They will also be allowed to carry forward the leave at their credit regularization. They will not be entitled to the benefit of encashment of leave on termination for any reason or on their quitting service.


            (b)       The limit on accumulation of total number of leave will be 300 days as in the case of regular Government employees. In other words, Casual Labourers with Temporary Status can accumulate leave up to a maximum of 300 days only.

Satya Narayana Dash

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


22.06.2017 ------- HUMAN CHAIN


After formation of the Homan Chain, the following pledge should be read out loudly in local language by some leaders, if possible through sound amplifier, and those employees and pensioners in the Human chain should jointly repeat each line loudly. 

Please translate the pledge to your local language 

= M.Krishnan , 
Secretary General  


-- We , the Central Government Employees and Pensioners 
-- under the banner of our glorious organisation
-- Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers 
-- express our strong protest and discontentment 
-- against the totally indifferent and negative 
-- attitude of the NDA Govt at the Centre
-- towards the genuine and legitimate demands of 
-- thirty two lakhs Central Govt employees 
-- and thirty three lakhs Central Govt pensioners.
-- We strongly condemn the betrayal of 
-- Hon'ble Home Minister and Finance Minister 
-- who during the negotiation with the staff side 
-- categorically assured increase in Minimum pay
-- and also increase in fitment formula
-- of the Central Govt employees and Pensioners.
-- It is shameful that the Cabinet Ministers 
-- failed to honour their assurance even after twelve months.
-- we demand immediate increase in minimum pay and fitment formula.
-- Revised allowances including HRA and Transport allowance 
-- are still not granted to  Central Govt employees 
-- we demand immediate revision of allowances from January 2016.
-- one and the only favourable recommendation of the 7th CPC
-- Option -1 parity for the past pensioners 
-- mercilessly rejected by the NDA Government.
-- we demand implementation of Option -1 parity for pensioners.

-- We strongly oppose privatisation of social security and pension
-- we demand scrapping of contributory pension system 
-- we want defined benefit pension for all
-- we demand immediate revision of wages of
-- three lakhs Gramin  Dak Sevak employees 
-- and grant of civil servant status to them
-- Inspite of historic judgement of the Supreme Court 
-- equal pay for equal work is denied to
-- thousands of casual and contract workers
-- Autonomous body employees and pensioners 
-- who are integral part of the Central Government 
-- are humiliated by denying their pay revision and pension revision 
-- we demand immediate implementation of their pay and pension revision.
-- More than six lakhs posts are lying vacant in Central services
-- downsizing and outsourcing has become the order of the day
-- we demand stop outsourcing and privatisation 
-- we demand settlement of 21 points charter of demands 
-- We the central Govt employees and pensioners 
-- jointly with other sections of the working class
-- resolve with firm determination
-- we shall continue our uncompromising struggle
-- against the anti-labour and anti-people policies 
-- pursued by the NDA Govt at the Centre
-- we declare that we shall not surrender before
-- aggressive policy offensives of the NDA Govt. 
-- we shall also not surrender our right to 
-- collective bargaining and strike 
-- under any circumstances.
-- we pledge that we shall not rest 
-- till the retrograde neo-liberal policy offensives 
-- of the Central Government are defeated 
-- we shall fight and fight and fight 
-- till our legitimate demands are achieved.
 Unity for struggle and struggle for unity 
 Inquilab Zindabad
 Confederation Zindabad
 Working class unity Zindabad.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


7th CPC Revised Pay Rules - Gazette Notification - Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) (Amendment) Rules, 2017 (Click the link below to view)

Friday, June 16, 2017




Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Meeting of National Secretariat of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held at BENGALURU (Karnataka) on 9th August 2017  Wednesday from 10.30 AM. All National Sectt Members requested to attend the meeting without fail. Detailed notice will be issued shortly. Please book your travel tickets immediately

Secretary General,

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ORGANISE                  ORGANISE                 ORGANISE              ORGANISE

PROTEST                      PROTEST                  PROTEST                 PROTEST


ON 22nd JUNE 2017



·         High Level Committee, assured by the Group of Minsters, not yet constituted. First anniversary of the Hon’ble Cabinet Minister’s assurance will be on 30.06.2017. No increase in Minimum Pay and fitment formula.

·         7th CPC took 18 + 2 months only for submitting report after examining the entire service conditions, pay scales, allowances, Pensionary benefits of about one crore Employees and Pensioners including military personnel. Allowance Committee took almost 12 months for examining only 52 allowances!! BJP Government is deliberately delaying the revised allowances to deny arrears.

·         Option-I parity for pensioners recommended by 7th CPC and accepted (??) by cabinet, mercilessly rejected by appointing a feasibility Committee.

·         NPS Committee is for further strengthening NPS and not for withdrawal of NPS or for guaranteeing minimum pension as 50% of last pay drawn.

·         MACP promotion denied to thousand of employees by imposing stringent conditions on bench mark.

·         Gramin Dak Sevak Committee Report submitted to Government on 24.11.2016 (Seven months over) still under process.

·         Exploitation of casual and contract workers continues. Equal pay for equal work denid.

·         Autonomous body employees and pensioners cheated by Government by denying their legitimate wage revision and pension revision.

·         No negotiated settlement on the charter of demands submitted to Government by JCM (staff side) and Confederation.


M. Krishnan

Secretary General


Mob & Whatsapp – 09447068125



Decided to intensify joint struggle against NPS and outsourcing by organizing nationwide intensive campaign and mobilization leading to a bigger trade Union action including strike demanding “withdraw contributory Pension System and stop outsourcing of Government functions”.

About 1000 delegates, mostly NPS employees, participated in the National Convention held at MPCU shah Auditorium, Delhi on 10.06.2017. The National Convention was presided over by Com. K. K. N. Kutty, National President, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and Com. Subhash Lamba Senior leader of All India State Government Employees Federation.

Com. Tapan Sen, MP, Rajya Sabha and General Secretary, CITU, who inaugurated the National Convention called upon the Central and State Government employees to launch sustained struggle for compelling the Government to withdraw NPS and stop outsourcing of Government functions. He explained in detail the impact of the neo-liberal policy offensives unleashed by the BJP-led NDA Government on the common people and working class of our country and also divisive politics of the ruling class to weaken the unity of the working class.

Com. A Sreekumar, General Secretary, AISGEF, presented the draft declaration for adoption in the convention.

Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers addressed the house supporting the declaration. Com. M. S. Raja, Com. R. N. Parashar (Confederation) Com. Ashok Thool, Com. Ved Prakash Sharma, Com. Gade Srinivasalu Naidu (AISGEF) also addressed the Convention. The house adopted the declaration and the proposed programme of action unanimously. Com. Mangul Kumar Das (AISGEF) Welcomed the leaders and delegates and Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee (Confederation) proposed vote of thanks.

Extracts from the declaration adopted by the National Convention on 10.06.2017

“Defined Contributory Pension Scheme does not guarantee returns. Benefits depends upon as to how the investment has fared in the stock market. The stock markets have never remained strong over a long period of time. It is not only volatile but susceptible to manipulation and machinations. The global financial crisis in 2008 has been the product of investment derivative manipulations. It wiped out the earnings of lakhs of workers, employees, teachers and many others. No Government came to render help to those unfortunate losers, whereas bail-out packages of millions of dollars was roled out to rescue culprits. On one “fine” morning, the workers lost everything including hope.”

“Large number of employees have joined the Central Services since 2004 and so is the case with the various state Governments, who have adopted the Defined Contributory Pension Scheme in replacement of Defined Benefit Pension Scheme. It is estimated that they presently constitute almost one-third of the total employees in Government departments in the country. The deeper study of the functioning of the Contributory Pension Scheme has proved that the promised better returns in the form of Annuity is nothing but an ever eluding mirage.”

“It is satisfying to note that the employees due to the consistent efforts undertaken by the Confederation and State Government Employees Federation have begun to observe the dimension of the problem and the support and solidarity provided by the democratically elected Government to the corporate houses. It is also equally gratifying that the young comrades have also begun to realize that this has to be resisted and defeated.”

“The Government employees has to emphatically demand that the Defined Contributory Pension Scheme imposed in replacement of the Defined Benefit Pension Scheme must be scrapped to end the untenable discrimination of the Pre-2004 and post 2004 entrants to Government service and reintroduce the Defined Benefit Pension Scheme that was in vogue for a century and more. In other words the Government must come forward to amend PFRD Act to exclude the Central and State Government employees from its ambit and operation.”

“This National Convention being held under the auspices of the Joint platform of Confederation of Central Government Employees Workers and All India State Government Employees Federation calls upon all the Central and State Government employees to rally behind the charter of issues and demands included in the declaration adopted by the Convention, hold sustained and continuous programme of action and organize strike action to compel the Government to repeal the Defined Contributory Pension Scheme and halt all sorts of contractorisation, casualization and outsourcing of Government functions.”

“This convention also appeals, especially to the younger generation employees to realize that their hard earned savings are being channelized into the hands of the monopoly capital to subserve their efforts in maximization of profit. This convention also appeals to them to understand the politics behind the policies and the pernicious impact of the neo-liberal economic policies on the life and livelihood of the multitude of their countrymen and be part and parcel of the global and national resistance being built against the globalization policies for the intensification of which pension reform process and informalisation of employment was ushered in by the World bank and IMF.”
1.      State level Joint Conventions before 31.08.2017 and formation of state level Joint Action Committees.

2.      District/ Taluk level conventions before 31.10.2017.

3.      Mass Dharna of Central and State Government Employees at all important centres on 21st November 2017 (21.11.2017, Tuesday).

4.      Raj Bhawan March (date will be finalized later).

5.      Nationwide campaign Jathas covering all districts of all states (dates will be finalized later).

6.      Massive Parliament March (date will be finalized later)

Next Phase of action will be declared by the Joint Acton Committee before the Parliament March.

National Level Joint Action Committee

The following are the members of the National Level Joint Action Committee.
1.      Com. K. K. N. Kutty                      2. Com. M. Krishnan,    3. Com. M. S. Raja
4.  Com. R. N. Parashar                    5. Com. Rupak Sarkar   6. Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee
7.  Com. R. Seeethalakshmi
1. Com. A. Sreekumar                         2. Com. Subhash Lamba         3. Com. Mangul Kumas Das
4. Com. Himanshu Sarkar                   5. Com. Vedprakash Sharma  6. Com. Ashok Thool
7. Com. Ashim Kumar Pal                  

              1.      All Affiliates of Confederation

              2.      All C-O-Cs

              3.      All National Secretariat Members

Dear Comrades,

You are requested to give wide publicity to the decision of the National Convention among employees and take a lead role in implementing the programme of action adopted by the Convention (as given above) in consultation and jointly with the All India state Government Employees Federation.

Fraternally yours,

(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General


Mob & WhatsAPP – 09447068125


A report on the Asia-Pacific regional meeting of the

World Federation of Trade Unions.

The WFTU’s Asia-Pacific regional meet was held at Chennai on 19th and 20th May, 2017.   On behalf of the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers,  its President, Com. K.K.N.Kutty was deployed to attend the meet.

WFTU, the World Federation of Trade Unions is the world body of all Trade Union organisations of the world i.e. only of the class oriented trade unions.  The Trade Union organisations of 112 countries which together has roughtly a membership of 9.2 Million are affiliated to WFTU.  Besides, these Trade Unions, which  normally represent the entire corss section of the workers  of each participating Nation,  WFTU also is structured into various TUIs (Trade Union Internationals) for different section of the workers, which meet and discuss the industry-wise problems.  The Public employees, i. e. the workers who are employed directly by the sovereign Governments of these countries  have constituted themselves into  the TUI-PAE (Trade Union International- Public and allied employees)  to which Confederation is directly affiliated. 

Apart from organisational set up like Presidential Council,  which comes into being following the world conference that takes place once in five years,  the WFTU has also regional bodies.  India is a member Nation of the Asia-Pacific regional council of WFTU.    The  Regional meet normally and obviously take up region-specific agenda for discussion.  Cnennai meet was organised together by all Central Trade Unions of India affiliated to WFTU.   All India Bank Employees Assocaition (aibea) was the host unit.    The venue was Abu Sarovar Portico hotel at Chennai.  India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia, Philippines,  Indonesia, Iran, Kazakistan, Vietnam, Laos were the Nations to take part in the meeting.  The meeting was slated for two days i.e. on 19th and 20th May, 2017.  Pakistan could not send in their representative for the Government of India, refused visa as the application was said to have been received belated.  Cambodia and Kazakistan could not make it to attend the meet.

The meet began with the welcome address by Com. C.,H. Venkatachalam,  General Secretary, TUI- Finance as also of the All India Bank Employees Association.  Stating that Ist May day was observed for the first time in India in Chennai in 1923, he pointed  out  the glorious tradition of labour movements in Chennai.  In his brief welcome address, he drew the picture of the increasing pauperisation of the undeveloped, under-developed and developing countries at the hands of the rich Nations.  He said that many of the giant Trans National Corporations are bigger than many of these nations in terms of the GDP and thus they control the governance of many of these Nations.  He then narrated the hard resistance being organised by the workers of different Nations for which the WFTU  and its affiliated Federations  and Trade Union provide guidance and support.  Specially applauding  the efforts put in by the General Secretary of WFTU Com. George Mavarikos , who is scheduled to address the regional meet on 20th, he formally welcomed the delegates and observers and assured them of comfortable stay in Chennai on behalf of the Reception Committee.

Com. H. Mahadevan,  in charge of Asia-Pacific Regional  office presented an elaborate report touching upon inter alia, social security/social protection problems of workers in Asian Countries, the overall economic situation of the region and the problems faced by the workers in these countries,  the trade union co-ordination, common concerns and building cadre based and ideological oriented unions.   He also  gave a detailed report of the working of the regional office and the e-publication of its journal. He also said that he  and the regional office had made strenuous efforts to ensure the participation of Unions of all Nations in the region, but could not succeed due to many impediments created by the Governments.  He thanked specially those comrades who have come from countries other than India, and stated that he would look forward for a lively session. 

Com. Deb Roye,  the National Secretary of Centre of India Trade Unions and the Deputy General Secretary of the  WFTU in his presentation  to the meeting emphasised the need for the TUIs to grow into an effective instrument of mobilisation of workers under the banner of WFTU.  The Finance capital driven neo liberal economic policies, which have now become the universal principle of economic governance of all countries, except a few socialist Nations, he said, has been conceived and designed to exploit the working class and transfer their savings into the hands of the rich people.  WFTU and its affiliates, he added are evolving ways and means to combat this menace and ensure that the workers’ rights are protected.

In the discussions, that followed thereafter, contributions and presentations were made by almost all the delegates and observers,  prominently by the National  President of Central of Indian Trade Unions , Com. Hemalatha and the National Secretary of All India Trade Union Congress, Com. Amarjit Kaur.  Com. Hemalatha in her brief presentation touched upon the sustained and continuous struggles organised by the Indian Working Class to oppose the economic policies of the Government of India, which was fashioned on the lines dictated by the IMF and World Bank.  She also talked of the emerging right wing forces in the country who could come to power exploiting the anger and anguish of the common multitude of the Indian Population who were pauperised during the UPA regime .  She said that the greatest challenge for the  Indian working Class was the disruption of the social secular fabric of the country by the divisive policies of the present Government.  Com. Amarjet Kaur specially dealt with the growing gender inequality in the world  with particular reference to the conditions prevailing in the Asia-Pacific region.  While the world working class would be celebrating the centenary year of the Great October revolution, this year, it would do good that the seminars and conferences organised to commemorate that great event, focuses on the plight of the proletariat in the present day world, she added.

Com. KKN Kutty, who made the presentation at the meet on behalf of the Confederation of Central Govt. employees detailed the issues and problems faced by the Public employees in India.  He made particular reference to the increased outsourcing of governmental  functions, contractorisation etc, whereby  almost one third of the workforce in both Federal and provincial Governments in India  have become contract workers.  He particularly referred to the withdrawal of the fine social security system of pension that was available for the civil servants in India  since the beginning of the 19th Century at the instance of the world bank.  By introducing the defined contributory system of pension, the Indian Government had been successful in mobilising huge funds to be placed at the disposal of the Indian and foreign corporate entities through the stock market.  He said that the Government  (from the employees of the Central and State Governments together) collects on an average of Rs. 192,000 crores per year as Pension contribution and the same is channelled through mutual funds to the stock market.   Stating that every  section of the working class  is discontent  due to the incessant attack on their livelihood and their rights by the successive Governments that came to power at the Centre and the States in the last 2-3 decades, he added that  the ruling class had been able to  garner  their   support through projection of divisive politics.   He added that a concerted effort  was  needed to face and defeat  this great danger to  the unity of the working class. Regional meet of the WFTU is the perfect platform to discuss the danger of the emerging right forces all over the world which acts as a catalyst  for the brutal exploitation of the workers, he  added.    

The deliberations at the meeting was regulated by a Presidium selected from the Presidential Council members. 

Com.George Mavarikos, General Secretary, WFTU, who addressed the meet the next day i.e. 20th May, 2017 passionately emphasised the need for a very strong, militant and class oriented world union of workers to combat the machinations of the ever greedy Transnational Corporations.  He added that only an ideological based and class oriented union would be able to protect the interest of the workers and fight against the National Governments, who help the corporate to loot and exploit.  He added that unfortunately, the entire working community of the world is not united.  The workers are misled by mal`-propaganda.  He said that most of the Multi National Corporations  indulges in plundering the natural resources with the active assistance and help provided by the National Governments, whom they control with money power.  He said that the globalisation and the present neo liberal policies  pursued by most of the countries at the instance and direction of the world financial institutions like World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organisations are the instrumentalities to perpetuate poverty permanently on the working people.  As has been seen in most of the developed countries,  the right wing forces have been successful  in brazenly manipulating the public resentment emanated from the ever decreasing standard of life in their favour and usurp state power.  The agenda of the TNC to own and control the media was in realisation of its extreme potential to manipulate public opinion.   He said that WFTU is in the pursuit of transforming the present situation into a powerful proletariat controlled State power to ensure that the wealth and resources of the world do not become the province of  a few.  He wanted the delegates who attend the meet to realise that over the years, when  these policies were in currency, wherever they were,  the inequalities have grown and the wealth  and National assets have gone into the hands of a few private citizens.  This phenomenon is true, he added, in  all cases, be it a developed  or developing nation.  He specifically referred to the Durban declaration adopted by the WFTU in its 17th  international Congress and exhorted the affiliated Associations the need to propagate those amongst the rank and file of the workers to bring about the desired transformation of the society. 

                At the end of the deliberations, the Regional meet adopted a declaration called the Chennai conclusion.  The operative portion of the declaration, which deals with the programme of actions is reproduced below:

1.       Observation of International working class day (May Day) WFTU  day (3rd October,) International Women’s day (8th March) on a grand scale involving the mass of workers in each country in the region.

2.       Solidarity programme in support of Garment textile and allied workers of the Asian region, spread over in many countries of the region.

3.       Campaign and mobilisation against the increasing trend of atypical of employment such as casual, contract, outsourcing etc. including other precarious forms of working and the supply chains of MNCs/TNCs using these systems.

4.       Formation of Asian women workers forum  and sustained campaigns on their specific demands; forum for domestic workers in the region and fight for their cause.

5.       Platform for young workers on their related issues and demands through campaigns workshops, programmes etc.

6.       Observation of the Centenary of October revolution under the banner of WFTU. ( as also the bicentenary of  Karl Marx)

7.       Campaign against embargo on Cuba and closing down of US Prison in Guantanamo Bay and handing over the land  to Cuba.  .

               Com. George Mavarikos addressing the WFTU regional meet at Chennai(left) and a view of

                the delegates. (right)